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Your cynicism could be costing you the relationship of your dreams right now

"Smart with your heart" doesn't have to equal brittle or cynical. Don't shut down when you can't figure out how to get the sweetness that you need out of your relationships.  

Instead, educate yourself and reverse the trend of stagnant mediocrity.

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A life full of relationships you can be proud of is within reach. Learn new things to allow you to better stand up for yourself. Learn how to be skilled enough in relationships to be happy even when hard things are happening. Discover what it's like to feel seen, loved, honored, and respected. Practice being a wonderful partner to your partner(s). 
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Meet your pleasure guide

I'm Radiant Rebecca! After 20+ years of listening to my body and living my truth in relationship, and having much more satisfaction, love, and freedom that I once thought was possible, I have decided that no matter what, it's worth letting the warm animal of my body love what it loves and to grow along with it. 

Here at Pleasure Central Radio (a Joyful Flame Media production), we believe that sexuality is a beautiful, incredibly life-affirming thing, and everyone should have enough education to make up their own minds about when, how and with whom.

As your host, here are a few things I want you to know...




My agreements with you:

I will share stories.

I will tell you the essence of things.

I will rate episodes so that you can opt in or out depending on your own level of comfort. 

I will not share what I do not have permission to share.

I will err on the side of light-hearted.

I will bring in other people to share about THEIR pleasure so you can see a variety of viewpoints. 

I will always look for the silver lining.

I will stand up for your right to make your own choices, and...

I will do my best to point you in the direction of education you may appreciate. 

Ready to dive in? 

-Radiant Rebecca (Bio Here)

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Remember what sweetness tastes like in your life? 

Misinformation about the whole of human sexuality creates unnecessary shame and can take from us the people we love.
At Pleasure Central Radio, we have a plan to help you reconnect with your pleasure and communicate about it so that you can build a life full of relationships that you are proud of.
We remind you what sweetness tastes like and share ideas of how to create more of that for yourself in whatever way makes you happiest. 
We know that you want to be a happily partnered, sexually fulfilled, joyful, creative, spiritually-pleasured human. In order to do that, you need to have more education about how to have a deeper love, truer partnerships, happier friendships, a career that will fuel you, and more and more earth-shaking pleasure.
The problem is, the whole of healthy sexuality is not normalized in our culture and that makes you feel dampened as if a wet rag has been thrown on your dream fire.
We believe that sexuality is a beautiful, incredibly life-affirming thing and everyone should have enough education, negotiation skills and information to make up their own minds about when, HOW and with whom.
We understand what it's like to be told that we can't trust our own bodies and desires. This is why, after 20+ years of living our truth, we have decided that no matter what, it's worth letting the warm animal of our bodies love what they love and to chose to grow along with it.
Here's how you can live that embodied pleasure in your own life too:
  1. Listen to Pleasure Central Radio.
  2. Let yourself feel and examine your pleasure.
  3. Enjoy rising levels of satisfaction, joy, and freedom as your pleasure increases in proportion to your curiosity.

So, subscribe and listen to Pleasure Central Radio today.

And in the meantime, start a conversation with someone you know about what is really working for you, so you can stop turning into a brittle, cynical person who has forgotten what sweetness tastes like and instead build a life full of relationships you are proud of that fuel you with as much joy as you can imagine.

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S T A R T 


Listen to Shawn & Rebecca as they flirtatiously let you know what to expect from Pleasure Central Radio (text transcript also available).



A Polyamorous sex worker describes "consent models" and the "price of admission".Tanuki is one of Rebecca’s poly friends who has had a big impact on her lifestyle.



Wendy Newman, the creator of the Full Moon Partnership Ritual joins Rebecca and “Sam” to talk about the origins of the ritual and ways to approach love and partnership with grace.



Miles, Reba, and Rebecca play round-robin sharing their five brightest moments of their 2019's!

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